Data Peralatan Perguruan Tinggi Universitas Harapan Bangsa

No Posisi Barang Kode Barang Nama Barang Spesifikasi Teknis Keadaan Barang Asal Perolehan Tahun Perolehan
1 Emergency 01 013201118a CPR Tarso Realistic anatomy including head tilt, chin lift, chest rise. Sensor indicates correct hand placement. Ventilation system provides appropriate chest rise with BMV (Bag valve Mask) and MTM (Mouth and to Mouth). Enhanced measurement and feedback capabilities. Wireless connectivity with simpad skill reporter or resusci anne wireless skill reporter software. Wired connectivity with Skill Guide or Sim Pad Skill Reporter. Guidelines compliant. 100 B 2019
2 Pediatric Care 01320110a 2 unit Injection Trainer Skills professional to patient communication intradermal injection subcutaneous injection intramuscular injection management of tissue package contens : 1 strap – on base plate, 1 soft tissue tray with liner, 1 skin pad & 1 epidermiis for injection trainer ( pack of 2) 100 B 2019
3 Emergency 02 01320109a Prompt Flex Standart Training and practice in the following types of birth : Normal, Vaginal, breech, Shoulder dystocia, vaginal, assisted ( forceps and vacuum devices ), Third stage of labor. Cord prolapse. Urinary catheter placement. IM injection. Communication and teamwork skills. Includes 1 brithing mother ( With upper legs), 1 Standard baby, 1 placenta, 1 Abdomen for PROMPT Flex, 1 perineum & birth canel for PROMPT flex carry case 100 B 2019
4 Pediatric Care 01320105a 2 unit Neonatal Intubation Neonatal Intubation Trainer allows teaching of intubation skills on the newborn baby rebust and realistic, this model allows student to undertake training that is directly transerable to the clinical setting. Realistic anatomy of a newborn baby intubation ( oral and nasal ) Bag – Valve – Mask Ventilation correct tube placement can be checked by practical inflation test includes : 1 Neonatal Infant Head and Upper Torso, I can of manikin lubricant, I base with transparent cover and direction use 100 B 2019
5 Pediatric Care 01320106a Infant Airway Infant Airway Management Trainer provides the realistic anatomy of a 3-month-old infant for teaching and practising basic and advanced aairway management skills. The realism is further enhanced by the elasticity of our new unique tissue and skin material. Product features : Realistic anatomy of the tongue, Oropharynx, epiglottis larynx, vocal cords, and trachea. Practicing of oral and nasal intubation. Practicing use of LMA (Laryngeal Mask Airway). Corrent tube placement can be checked by practical inflation test. Bagvalve-Mask ventalition can be practiced. Sellick Maneuver can be performend. Stomach Inflation. Realistic tissue simulation 100 B 2019
6 Intensive Unit 02 01001120719 Pasien Monitor Power Supply : AC 100-250 V 6A/3A Resolution : 128 x 1024, Wavefrom : ECG, PLETH, RESP, CO2, IBP Parameter : HR, ST, NIBP, IBP, SPO2, RR, TEMP, ETCO2, Multi Gas Display 12,1” colour touch screen 100 B 2019
7 FON 01320117a Female Catheterisation Trainer Corrent handling of female anatomy : Aseptic Catheterisation technique; Catheter placement : accepts catheters from 12 – 16 french; fluid management; Withdrawal of cahtheter Suprapublic catheter insertion and catheter management using suprapublic bung 100 B 2019
8 Pediatric Care 01320106a Resusci Baby QCPR Realistic anatomy including head tilt, chin lift, compression depth, compression force and chest rise sensor indicate correct hand placement Ventalition system provides realistic chest rise with BVM (Bag Valve Mask) and MTM (Mouth to Mouth)and measures volume and rate to help train correct ventilation technique. 100 B 2019
9 Front Office Kursi Sofa Kursi Sofa tamu 100 A 2010
10 Front Office Kursi Kursi Putar 100 A 2010
11 Front Office Meja Meja Font Office 100 A 2009
12 Front Office CPU CPU Komputer 100 A 2018
13 Front Office LCD Monitor LCD Monitor Komputer 100 A 2018
14 Front Office TV LCD TV LCD 100 A 2015
15 Front Office Printer Printer Inkjet 100 A 2018
16 Front Office Telepon Telepon 100 A 2009
17 Front Office Almari Almari Besi 100 A 2009
18 Front Office Meja Sofa Meja Sofa Tamu 100 A 2010
19 Front Office Vas Bunga Vas Bunga 100 A 2012
20 Front Office Dispenser Dispenser Air 100 A 2015
21 Front Office Bufet Almari Bufet 100 A 2010
22 Front Office CCTV CCTV 100 A 2012
23 Front Office Speaker Speaker Komputer 100 A 2018
24 Front Office Braket TV LCD Braket TV LCD 100 A 2015
25 Front Office Lukisan Lukisan 100 A 2015
26 C2.01 Kursi Kuliah Kursi Kuliah 100 A 2009
27 C2.01 Meja Dosen Meja Dosen 100 A 2009
28 C2.01 Kursi Dosen Kursi Dosen 100 A 2009
29 C2.01 LCD Proyektor LCD Proyektor 100 A 2009
30 C2.01 Layar Proyektor Layar Proyektor 100 A 2009
31 C2.01 Kabel LCD Proyektor Kabel LCD Proyektor 100 A 2009
32 C2.01 Whiteboard Whiteboard 100 A 2009
33 C2.01 Jam Dinding Jam Dinding 100 A 2009
34 C2.01 Foto Presiden Foto Presiden 100 A 2009
35 C2.01 Foto Wakil Presiden Foto Wakil Presiden 100 A 2009
36 C2.01 Foto Garuda Pancasila Foto Garuda Pancasila 100 A 2009
37 C2.01 CCTV CCTV 100 A 2009
38 C2.01 Audio Rekorder Audio Rekorder 100 A 2009
39 C2.01 Speaker Speaker 100 A 2009
40 C2.01 Mic Mic 100 A 2009